All In The Family

by Brenda
(Ontario, Canada)

This is my son at the age of two at the far right. It's not a real dirt bike but to him it was. From left to right it's my father on my dirt bike, my nephew Zach and nephew Austin and then Alex my son.

My dad has always ridden and raced dirt bikes and still does and he is in his 60's now. I raced when I was in my teens and was one of the first female racers here in Northern Ontario (now there are many female racers) and it lives on in my son.

The second picture is of my sons first ever bike, a "clunker" as we called it. He is with his Poppa refueling his bike.. who teaches him all the tricks :)

As I said, my dad loved riding, we his children loved riding, and our children love riding..

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