Aluminum Handguards, Barkbusters & Arm Breakers

by Hayden

If you have a pair of those handguards where the aluminum brace clamps from the inside of the handlebar to the outside, or you're thinking of buying a pair.. you may want to reconsider using them the next time you go riding. They seem like a great idea right? They keep the mud and stones away from your knuckles and brush away tree branches when bashing through the forest, but there's a nasty side to them too.

My Yammy came sporting a pair when I bought it. I'd never bothered with handguards before and I thought these were kinda cool after they saved my digits and levers from punishment after a couple of spills. However, I was getting ready for a ride at a MX track when the young lad next to me hit me up about them. Apparently they have a bit of a rep for snapping wrists! This guy knows someone who went over the bars and got his arms caught between the bars and the guards - broke both his wrists. Needless to say I was scratching around for a set of allen keys to dismember my wrist breakers.

Yea it probably won't happen, but personally I'd rather not take that chance. The open ended handguards seem like a much safer alternative. If you are going to 'roll the dice' with the aluminum guards make sure you tighten them up on an angle facing down so there's more of a gap above the guards for your hands to fall free.


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Apr 06, 2011
Hand Guards
by: Anonymous

You wanna sell 'em?

- Ha! Yea I would actually if I hadn't already biffed them out. Roll the dice my friend!

Hayden -

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