AMA And CMRC Need To Change

by Cliff

Motocross needs to continue to expand it's community membership and the dominance of 4t bikes could make it a financially non-viable option for many families.

The AMA and CMRC really ought to be thinking in terms of the future of their sport; clearly the best option is to offer classes for the masses.


- I think the dominance of four stroke dirt bikes is already making it a financially non-viable option for many families. The comments are all over this thread written by people from around the world who are struggling to afford racing motocross these days.

It was bad enough when two strokes were dominating, I mean it was a lot cheaper to be involved back then, but it was still a costly sport / hobby if you raced.

You're right though, do we really want it to become a sport for the rich only? A sport where countless possible 'could have been' pro riders are sitting on their couch at home watching motocross on the boob tube, because they couldn't afford to keep up with the cost of maintaining a modern four stroke?

Hayden -

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Jan 15, 2012
Very True
by: Anonymous

Now a days there is the much increase of these sports bikes. But it is very true that every common man is not able to afford it. Some bikes are that much expensive that we can have a small car at the same price as that of the bike.

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