Another Perspective on Maintenance

by David

There have been lots of comments comparing the cost and frequency of maintenance and repairs between 2T and 4T.

Another huge benefit, at least for me, is that maintenance on a 2T is so much easier and quicker. I have a GasGas 2T and DRZ400 4T. The GG is so much easier to work on. For example, I just finished rebuilding the carb on the DRZ. Just getting the thing off the DRZ is no easy task and of course the FCR carb is twice as complex as the PWK carb on the Gasser.

For my mechanical skill level a carb rebuild on the DRZ is a 3 hour job (take off the seat, tank, air boot, etc., etc.), on the Gasser it's a 30 minute job. (OK, for all of you that say "I can do the job on my DRZ carb in 1 hour." I say, fine, then you could do the job on the Gasser in 10 minutes!)

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