As Much As I Love Two Strokes

by Charlie Welsh

Today, everything is changing at one time. It used to be that a two stroke would haul past a four stroke, but with everything changing I don't know where I stand anymore. As much as I love two strokes, four strokes offer a lot more on the track.

Two strokes needing to be in a high rpm range at all times or it bogs where a four can pull through on just about any gear at any time. That is a plus for the fours but what about that powerband? That sudden burst of speed and power it would be no surprise why most free stylists use the two strokes. So that's a bonus for them..

It's a hard choice to make but in the end I would have to go with the two's - there is nothing more exciting then hearing that powerband open and feeling your body getting tugged from the haul.

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Aug 28, 2010
Swinging Confusion
by: shaun

Don't forget, you're only confused about which way to swing because in the last decade or so, they have dumped so much into research and development into the 4's that they've caught up.. sort of. CC displacements like 250 2t vs 450 4t completely baffles me, but at least we still have a few Euro companies developing good 2 strokes still. For the moment I'll stick with my dinosaur of a kdx 200.

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