Back To The Old Skool

by Gary

Just bought myself a bike after 20-yrs break. Wow, so many 4 strokes out there now, but I have opted for a 2 stroke. An old KX 125 for a year, and if I still like the sport, a new KTM 150!

There's no comparison for me, as going fast is only NECESSARY if you want a pay cheque from racing - otherwise, surely it is for fun and excitement.

You can argue all you like about green issues - but hundreds of new coal-fired power stations in emerging economies dwarf the output of off road bikes.

Also, the 4 stroke maybe good, but it certainly is not better, and the increased cost (and boredom factor) mean; why should I pay more to do the sport?

I'm 2 stroke through and through. Braaaaap.

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