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by Mr Man

I think it is absolutely ridiculous about the banning of 2 strokes over environmental issues, as it is so minimal compared to the pollution in even just one state of America.

And I think that we should be able too choose what we want to ride and race as we all have different riding styles. A 2 smoker gives you a lot more excitement than the crappy four strokes do. Our riding styles are going down the pan and we are getting lazy. Some people say, "well four strokes must be better since the pros use them..." The only reason for that is because they're sponsored and they don't have a choice in what they want. I know many riders that would rather ride 2s than 4s.

Yours Sincerly
Mr Man

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Jul 12, 2011
Enviro Scams
by: Anonymous

Cars don't pollute the air either. Co2 is a harmless trace gas in the atmosphere. Cars already burn 99% clean - it does no environmental damage whatsoever. The issue is important because if they can convince you to give up your two stroke, they'll soon be coming for your four stroke, your electric lights, your property and everything else you own.

Feb 10, 2010
Keep The 2-Strokes
by: Anonymous

You are so right, it is such a minimal pollution. Look at all the cars on the road that put out fumes from the gas, and all the factories that pollute the air, what are they going to do next ban cars and shut down the factories?

It is stupid, keep the 2-strokes and let people ride what they want to.

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