Batteries Will Continue to Bastard The Two Stroke

by Ponie

We stand in the light with our eyes closed to the obvious advantages of the modified two strokes. Can you not see the second idiotic wave of engineering? Electric motor development will replace the small 4 stroke powered machines. Only one tiny overlooked and never talked about problem. The carbon foot print created by the mountain of (to expensive to recycle) batteries. Thinking that cell powered machines have less environmental impact is a joke but it's in your face and at the very top of the Engineering priority list. The humans are programmed. Change!

It's more costly to market and sell old technology no mater how light it impacts the environment. You continue to compare combustion engines and the sheep have already been moved into a different corral.

Take a current two stoke off any showroom, mount a pseudo battery that is actually a catalytic converter to reduce noise and 1% of the emissions and call it an electric bike. Get the media behind it and continue to focus the attention on the emission conversion battery pack. Use recycled plastic with eco stickers and call it a hybrid flex fuel human transport device and you might save the two stroke... Maybe.

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