Best Tail Pipe For A Yz250f 2010?

by Cameron Earl
(Townsville, Australia)

Hi I'm Cameron and I'm 23 years old from Australia. I'm not really a great rider, I've taken a lot out of your website and I'm going to be trying a lot of your tips this weekend (Lol for when I come back injured). For this information I thank you as I can see a lot where I can improve.

I recently brought a 2010 YZ250F with 13 hours on it. Great bike easy to ride. Now I'm interested in getting a new Tail Pipe for it but I want the best bang for my buck. I've been looking at the prices and just for a slip on over here RRP is around $650-800. This is crazy. Can you help me? I currently have complete stock and they say with a better tail pipe I can wheelie a lot easier. As I struggle to get it in the air.

Also where besides the Bhole can you really go riding around Townsville that isn't a comp track?

Cheers any help will be appreciated.

- Hi Cam.

A 2010 Yzf 250 is a very nice bike and super easy to ride. It's done 13 hours so there's absolutely nothing wrong with the tail pipe. My advice? Don't waste your money on something that may (but probably won't) help you wheelie a little bit easier. I've met plenty of riders that rip on old and worn bikes. It's 90% the rider and 10% the bike. Instead, spend that $800 on fuel going back and forward on a flat stretch of solid ground practicing wheelies - then you can write a page on this site about the art of wheelies!

P.S Try not to injure yourself please. But if you're going to make sure you catch it on film and send it to me so I can put it up in the crash vids section ;)

Hayden -

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Mar 05, 2011
I Came Off And It Hurt
by: Anonymous

I came off my bike today and unfortunately I did not get a video of it. I do however have a massive bruise on my arse. Haha. I tried your theory of cornering for a rut around a flat corner - all I can say is don't try too hard on hard flat ground covered in dust. Lol. I leaned right up on the fuel tank whipped my leg out the front next to the front tyre and down I went. The bike than come back up with me still on it and bucked me off the other side onto my arse where I rolled and hit my head on a tree. Lol. I am OK, not hurting too hard. I jumped back and picked my bike up which was still running and rode away.

I'll go and try again tomorrow. With the great Aussie spirit I'll post my new accident tomorrow.

- You are a machine. Try keep it on two wheels next time though!

Hayden -

Mar 04, 2011
Re; Tail Pipe
by: Anonymous

Hey bud cheers for the tip, and I'll try and get it on film ha ha. I guess 800 bucks in fuel will last me all year. Chat soon. We heading out today taking my son and his mates on their bike's too. Have a good day.


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