Big Business Does It Again

I really believe that the rise of the four stroke is due to two things.

1. All the manufacturers know that 4 strokes need more expensive maintenance that is far more complicated than the maintenance needed on a 2 stroke, hence they create more business for themselves or at least other motorcycle stores.

2. The crap about pollution I think is a joke. I'm not actually sure, but can you honestly tell me a little 250 engine is really making THAT much pollution? Doesn't the big old V8 ute taking the bikes to the track or trail create just as much pollution?

I have been riding for only one year, all on 4 strokes. I have heard amazing stories about 2 strokes and their power and simplicity. I am 20 years old and it looks like I may be the first generation that might miss the 2 stroke experience.

With fuel injection on bikes now I'm sure I'll be able to fix any problem out in the middle of nowhere - HA! Are you serious? I hope to God I never break down on a far away ride because it sure is a long way to push a bike back.

Just my beef.

Merry Christmas

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Dec 26, 2008
by: Hayden

This is the place to share your beef with the whole two stroke ordeal, so thanks.

You've got me thinking about the reality of the younger generations coming through who won't get to experience a two stroke motocrosser... that's a pretty sad thought really.

But it's not all over yet my anonymous friend! KTM still produce some fine two strokes, like the KTM 300. There's enough oomph in that puppy to keep you hanging on for dear life. Husky and GasGas still do two strokes too. And if you check out my page on the future of two strokes you will see that there is still hope looming on the horizon!

But maybe in the meantime, if you strongly desire to feel the rush of a two stroker between your legs... try looking to the European bikes until the Japanese companies open their eyes and begin producing the bikes that so many people are craving.


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