Black Oil Oozing From Exhaust Pipe On YZ 85 2008

by Daniel Thompson
(North Carolina Denver)

Um I have a Yamaha yz 85 and after I ride or race, black oil will ooze all the way down my muffler (stock). How can I prevent this? Should I repackage my muffler or something and how?

One more question. I weigh about 130 and like my suspension hard or tight and I have the rings above the shock all the way down but what should I do to the clicker on the shock gas cylinder? How much should I turn it or how many clicks?

I want my forks a little tighter too. How much click should I do from even or level (plush) with fork. I might be getting a little big for this bike pretty soon too.

And I haven't checked but do you have how to change a tire or rim/spokes on this website? Umm I think that's it ha.

- Could be a few things but here are a few possible causes and solutions.. One way or another there's too much oil not being burned in the cylinder head. Have you got your fuel to oil ratios correct? Your carby could be blocked, need tuning/rejetting or your air filter may be blocked (and need cleaning properly).

It's quite normal to have some oil coming out from the pipe, usually where it joins the muffler, but not pissing out the end of the silencer. Also, when your piston/ring wears out and loses compression you'll find that it begins leaking more oil as it can't burn it off properly.

You'll have oil all throughout the whole exhaust system so even after you fix the problem with your carby you may still see oil leaking out for a while. It would probably be worth repacking the muffler and fitting a new sparkplug.

As for your suspension settings, I've just added a cool graphic illustration on how to set up your suspension which should answer your questions.

And finally (phew!), no there isn't a page on how to change spokes, rims or tires.. just yet.

Can you be a sport and let us know when you sort your oil problem out so we can help others with the same issue?

Hayden -

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Jan 03, 2012
Great Help
by: daniel thompson

Thank you so much, I had been using the wrong oil ratio and I just cleaned out my carb. The bike is running much better and not as much oil leaking. Thank you! And I figured out my suspension on your new suspension page :)

- Glad you got it sorted!

Hayden -

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