Blisters On Hands From Riding

by Hayden

Unless your have the unsightly and hardened hands of a block layer you've probably suffered from blisters on your hands / palms from riding your dirt bike. This is a very common problem and is best overcome by building up a tolerance through repetitive and consistent riding. Eventually your palms will harden up and you won't be troubled by this annoying issue again. Your girlfriend won't appreciate the callouses one bit but you won't have to suffer the pain of having blood blisters after every ride.

If your riding technique is correct you should only have callouses on the three fingers from your little pinky to the middle finger. It means you're using your index fingers for the clutch and brake.

If you don't ride often enough, or you're a girl who doesn't like the idea of having men's hands, try purchasing a pair of palm savers from your local MX store. They slide over your digits on the inside of your gloves and create an extra layer to prevent friction. (I'm assuming you wear proper motocross gloves already.)

And another tip for all you Justin Bieber boys out there.. stop using moisturizer on your hands!


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Apr 04, 2011
by: Susana

I prefer to wear bandages, it's more efficient and, because I'm a girl, it helps to protect the wrists.

Apr 02, 2011
by: Ryan426

Love the J.B comment!

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