Blue Smoke And Two Strokes

by David Matney
(Cyclone, West Virginia, U.S.)

Honestly, I think that a two stroke wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the oil-gas mix for the motor. You cannot say that on a two stroke going down the road at about 80 mph, that there is no blue smoke behind you.

If they could come up with a two-stroke motor that you didn't have to mix oil and gas, then two-strokes would pull back up in the dirt bike society. Then again, if they made a four-stroke that had a engine that would hold up to powerbands without blowing up, the two-stroke would just go down as another part of advancement in time.

As far as I'm concerned, they should keep them on the markets and make a bigger baffle/muffler that traps the smoke inside. I would hate to see the two-stokes leave us forever, seeing how I own one, my friend owns one, and about 15% of where I live owns one too.

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Sep 04, 2011
2 Stroke RIP
by: Rod MacNeil

I think the 2 stroke unfortunately is on its death bed. 2 strokes by nature and design are not efficient users of fuel. With only two engine strokes they have to do four jobs (intake, compression, power, exhaust). They are a brilliant design and provide a high power-to-weight ratio but at an efficiency and emission cost - even if you took oil mixing in the fuel out of the equation.

Even wipper snippers are going 4 stroke. I hope I'm wrong just for the fun factor on a big bore two stroke but I was only wrong once.... I thought I was wrong and I wasn't... lol

Apr 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am a huge fan of 2 strokes, but you have to understand the process which occurs with a smoker before making these comments. A two stroke engine has no internal oil supply to provide lubrication. The crankcase of a two stroke is also involved in fuel/air induction, so it has to remain dry in order for it to work properly. So, oil has to be mixed into the air/fuel mix to provide lubrication and cooling for the engine. For this to be possible, the oil that is injected (in oil injection) or combined with fuel/air mix (in premix) is going to be burned during the combustion process. Even advanced direct injection or EFI cannot change the fact that oil has to be burned during the combustion process.

2 stroke engines are great it their ability to produce great power from small displacement, but they will always pollute more than a 4 stroke due to their nature of burning oil while burning fuel.

This can be compensated by running smaller cc 2 strokes against larger cc 4 strokes, because the total emissions will probably be the same. However, you cannot argue that a 500cc 2 stroke is less polluting than a 500cc 4 stroke.

2 strokes still have their place, but the technology involved will not change. They burn oil during combustion.

Oct 01, 2010
Blue Smoke Cured
by: Iain from Scotland

I recently tried a new oil mixture for my CR250 Honda and had no smoke what so ever - not even when I was hammering down the track. The synthetic oil was a bit on the expensive side but it also smelled amazing when burnt through the engine so I really liked that. It is called MX9 oil and it cost £17 but I would highly recommend it for anyone who has smoke issues.

May 26, 2010
Two Stroke Lover
by: Joe Shepherd

In the boating market they have oil injection on the two stroke boat motors. Two Stroke boat motors already have the technology to be as earth friendly as the four strokes with no power loss. They just have to transfer the tech over.

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