Broken Arm

by Andrew
(Haysville, KS)

Okay, so all of my friends decided to go riding today but didn't think anything would go wrong, so there I was feeling good going down the straight as fast as the thing would go. Then I hit the back brake, it worked for a second then gave out. I was about to hit the fence and decided to hit the front brake... bad idea! My front tire slipped and flew right out from under me, and keep in mind that this was all happening at around 50 mph. Then I fell over sideways and my handle bars stuck into the ground. My bike instantly stopped and I flew over the handle bars. I tried to slow myself down before hitting the ground but I landed on my arm and broke both of the bones in it!

I was in the hospital for 8 hours and my parents still haven't paid for the medical bill yet.

- I've broken both my arms before Andrew, so I know how it feels. I'm quite impressed that you only broke it today and managed to get on the computer and send in the story! Well done. I hope your parents aren't too mad at ya for the hospital bill, don't let them stop you riding!


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