Building My Own Two Stroke Engine

by Paul Ellis
(London UK)

I am building a Ricardo-type sleeve-valve two-stroke engine with BMEP of around 460psia, 50cc's per cylinder and 15,000rpm. Can't disclose too much info, but I do use rapid prototyping. UK for Thermojet waxes and castings, China for prototype machining, Korea for specialist components, Canada for other bits, Germany for specialist alloys (made to order).

We use Solidworks for our 3D modelling. We have UK and International patents pending. I also build custom cycle frames as a hobby.

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Oct 03, 2014
Technical Question
by: Mark

Re: Two-Stroke Sleeve Valve Engine

Why not combine piston and sleeve into one piece?

Would this not be simpler?
(adjust locations of ports accordingly)

May 25, 2012
Working Together
by: Tim Hickox

Hello Paul,

I am currently in Europe. If you contact me I can put you on to another engineer, in the UK, who built a Recardo sleeve-valve two-stroke years ago, and has put a fair number of miles on the bike. He is now working on a four-cylinder machine that corrects the crankcase-to-scavenging-cycle out-of-phase problem that I talked about. You can get me here:

Tim Hickox

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