CDS Racing

by Mary Sardigal
(Princeton, TX USA)

#63 Cody Smalley

#63 Cody Smalley

#63 Cody Smalley
Whip action
Our lil race team
Badlands air

My son looks up to you, he is 12 and started racing MX tracks last year but has been riding since he was 4. We have become an awesome team, to the point our local Honda dealer calls me Moto Momma.

Well after fixing his bike, the head gasket blew and we didn't know until a spark replacement that showed so much coolant, to the point it had soaked the spark. He had been so down on himself and I had been down on him too about his racing, I felt he had not been trying and his placement had dropped from podium to back of the pack. So we find out the coolant had totally soaked the bottom end and the bike was getting no compression at all. My son and I pulled the head off and cleaned every last drop of coolant out 2 days prior to his race.

So of course after the rebuild he is trying to run it to break everything in before race time but didn't really have a chance to get on it to see what kind of power it had. Race day is here and practice goes off without any problems and he holds his own and gives the bike more and more on each lap testing what its going to do.

Races: Gates drop and he takes the hole shot, holds down first for 2 laps then coming into a table top I see him take it a little too fast and a turn with a high berm is right after, I was thinking to myself brakes!! He didn't.. he over shot the turn, went over the berm and laid the bike down so he wouldn't flip, the bike slid down the berm 25ft to rest under the tire of a parked truck. Cody being 12 and riding a CR85 - they are not too heavy for him to pick up but to pull it out from under a wedged tire not so easy. Finally he gets it out and gets back on the track, he is now in 7th place with 2 laps to go, he rode so fast to catch up that I couldn't watch.

Later looking at his lap times his last two laps were 3 seconds faster then his first 2 laps. He ended up placing 2nd in the heat and placed 1st overall that night, but talking to him later about what he would have done differently he said "I would have rammed that truck!" LOL He said "that guy shouldn't have parked next to the track, if it wasn't for the truck tire I wouldn't have been stuck so long and wouldn't have been so far back. So momma I would have hit it and will if they don't use their head next race..."

He has learned so much over the last year and he always watches all the MX stuff on TV. So I wanted to thank you for being such a great role model for my son and keep up your awesome life! We love all that you do!!

- Hey Moto Momma and Cody. What a cool team you have going there. It looks like Cody goes hard - I can understand why you can't watch sometimes! Patience, practice and persistence is the key Cody. You're clearly a talented rider just make sure you use your head and I'm sure you will go far.

Thanks for taking the time to write in and send the pics. I'll put 'em up on the 'readers photos' page where young up-and-coming riders can try and promote themselves to potential sponsors. I'm stoked you enjoy the site - what a super fun sport we're involved in!


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