Chain Rattles On Pit Bike

by Julian Medor
(Melborne Victoria Australia)

I recently bought a 140cc pitbike & noticed when I was wearing the bike in, the top front end of the chain is rattling against the front end of the swing arm. It was quite tight & now has loosened a bit. What would be the best procedure for adjustment? And will I potentially need to look at replacing the sprockets and chain now that this has occurred?

- Hi Julian.

It just sounds like the chain has stretched and loosened that's why it's rattling around. You need to adjust the chain tension by shifting the rear wheel backwards slightly. You can find the 'how to' here.. How To Adjust The Chain On Your Dirt Bike.

Chains loosen up over time so you may need to tighten it a few times before it will need replacing. The easiest way to know when it needs replacing is when the sprockets become worn and the teeth are noticeably sloping in the direction of the chain. The teeth will also thin down (and eventually break off - but don't let it get this bad). You should always replace the chain and sprockets at the same time.

Hayden -

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May 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks Hayden, managed to have a tinker with the chain & have adjusted it correctly.

Ive now moved onto pimping a PY80 I recently bought that was in need of some solid TLC.

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