Changed to 4 Strokes After 26 Years on 2 Strokes

by Hondaman
(Swanton Ohio)

After 26 years, I switched from a full blown 2003 cr250 to a moderatly modified crf450, I can say this, I will never ride a 2 stroke again. I raced cr500s all through the nineties and spent lots of money trying to get the machines to react (power) like a 450 4 stroke.

Maybe the numbers of a dyno put the 450 near a 250 2 stroke, but seat of the pants tells a much much different tale. What is the sense of having 100 hp if only 10 makes it to the ground? And there is the difference. A 4 stroke puts all the power to the ground, churning the rear tire into forward progress while 2 strokes hit and spin the tire, losing time, energy and positions in a race. You have to look at the facts, and that is traction traction traction, it's what is far superior on a new modern 4 stroke.

My cr250 would have about zero power, then hit and get sideways and after a shift or two would start actually moving, but prior to that forward motion I spent energy, a lot of it, keeping straight and holding on, but essentially going nowhere. The 4 stroke goes, now!

Imagine every ounce of power of the 250 put to the ground and never spinning the tire, only making forward progress in a metered wheelie induced surge with the front tire 6 inches off the ground, THAT is why I will not go back.

As for maintenance, I have always done my own work, a new piston kit for the 250 was 175 for oem, its 130 for the 450. A crank was 210 for the 250 but 210 for the 450, valve rebuild is 225, but that's the cost and at same interval as a cylinder replate on a 2 stroke, which it will need because of nikasil wearing at exhaust port bridge or a speck of sand scratching it all out.

I'm a veteran in the 2vs4 war, I fought hard for the 2 stroke, and I believe they are fun, I still like them, but I put my weapons down when I saw the results of this new technology with my butt.

2 strokes will run when just completely ragged out, maybe have no power but it will run, to me that is good for a person that just wants to ride for the heck of it, but those that tune and maintain their machines spend just as much time on the 2 stroke, if not more, making it stay at peak performance.

Long live the crf450.

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