Cheap Labor Compared To Expensive

by Dalton
(Terre Haute, IN, USA)

I own a 2001 YZ 250. This bike absolutely screams. I ride this bike to its max, rapping out every gear around the track. When it comes time for winter rebuild, I wont have to take out a loan just to rebuild my bike.

I ride with my buddy who has a 2007 RMZ 250f and I fell in love. The bike handles, jumps, corners like no other four stroke I have ridden. I love four strokes, but I could never afford to own one. I may take care of my bike, but that doesn't mean that something can't happen and I do not have the money to rebuild a four stroke. The price of the rebuild I could take and buy a 2 stroke junker, or even depending on the problem, a nice one.

My point is this. If costs of repair (on a four stroke) were the same as a two stroke, that's what you would find me on. I fly on everything I ride and I enjoy both, 2 and 4. Both have pros and cons. But it is the simple fact of cost. My bike hasn't been rebuilt in over a year and as hard as I ride, you would think it should have been. But the YZ is still kickin it like new.

I went to Illinois to race, grabbed hole shot over two YZ 450fs and a whole line of 4 strokes and checked out, and did nothing but pull away. It may be more me than the bike, but the bike had a lot to do with it. Point is, 2 strokes can beat a 4 stroke any day on the track and in the bank.

I just wish I had the opportunity to own a 4, only if costs on repair and parts went down. But dirt bikes in general get me goin so hey... I'll ride what I'm given.

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