Common Problems With Honda CRF Models

by Hayden - DBTP

Recently I asked the fans on the Dirt Bike Tips & Pics Facebook wall.. "If you've ever owned a CRF450 2010 - 2012 model - what problems have you had with it? I want to see if they have any common faults."

Below are the replies from various riders who have experience with them. Hopefully this information can help those of you who are thinking of purchasing a CRF and would like to know what to look out for.

David Muir - Nuthin wrong with my 2011 model.

Samuel Hawkins - Main problem - not 2 stroke.

Cuan Klase - Honda equals valve problems.

Jaco Steyn - That is a killer bike, I only had to replace the stock titanuim valves with stainless aftermarket valves after a year and she is still running strong. 2010 model.

Matthew Dennett - I had to do the same (as above).

Dirt Bike Tips And Pics - So.. common valve problems huh?

Jake Pilgrim - Yea never owned one but had a mate with an 06, done two sets of valves. Another with a 2010, also done a set but fine after he put in stainless ones.

David Muir - If you have a clean air filter and fresh oil you shouldnt have a problem for hours and hours as my 250 went for 230 hours on stock valves.

Martin Howatson - Honda's, being unicam engines, have problems with the valves being a bit less hardy than the other Japanese bikes. The pistons were designed to have smaller skirts to increase power, due to less contact between the piston and the cylinder. This also leads to more "rocking" of the piston which leads to increased maintenance, at the end of the day. Essentially, you have an engine that is more efficient but also more "high maintenance". 2-strokes for the win!

Brady Livingood - You can get well over 100 hours on a stock motor with MAINTAINENCE.

Dave Prangley - Had a 2008 crf - had valve guide problems, they started to sink into the soft ali head, this caused hard starting. Shim kit and new guides = problem solved. Sold it and went to a yz250 2009 which resulted in less maintenance and less headaches. 2 stroke all the way!

Mack Boyce - Fouls plugs all the time. And the fork screws broke off in the forks. And the valves wore out after about two hours.

If you're reading this and have some helpful information you can add, please leave a comment using the link below!

Hayden DBTP

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Aug 26, 2014
Bullet Proof CRF
by: Jaco Labuschagne

I'm a very proud owner of a 2011 CRF450R which has just ticked over at 170 hours. I bought it new and the bike has never given me any issues whatsoever. I service my bike every 10 hours and use only original Honda parts. The top end was done at 60 hours as suggested by the Honda dealership. I ride in the desert and here in Dubai it gets sizzling hot, up to 45 degrees. Even in these extreme temperatures the bike has never let me down. I'm a Honda rider for life.

Feb 12, 2014
All False
by: Anonymous

If you change filters oils and etc. after every ride you will have no problems. And also most of these people probably ride the rev limiter all the time which is the #1 cause for valve problems! Hitting the rev limiter for just a few seconds is equivalent to 3 minutes of hard riding at the track! So keep that in mind the next time you hit your rev limiter!

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