Consumer Blindness

by AJ Van Harn, II
(Grand Rapids MI)

As you stated in your article the two stroke is a far superior design and nobody really disputes this.

The problem lies in the fact that the modern consumer is basically naive to the facts. All they know is what they are told. And what they are being told is that the four stroke is superior because it is easier to ride fast than a two stroke. Which is true of the current two stroke bikes available. The only reason this truth holds water if we get right down to it is the way in which a four stroke delivers power to the rear wheel and the ground. The four stroke engine produces it's power in a lazy fashion by only delivering power every fourth revolution. This gives the rear wheel a chance to regain the traction it lost when the power spike hit the rear wheel on the last combustion cycle. The four stroke in simple terms has built in traction control.

The two stroke however is its own worst enemy to rideability. Because it produces power every time the piston reaches TDC it sends a power spike to the rear wheel giving the tire less available time to regain the traction it lost on the previous combustion cycle. This is very simple to overcome. Simply install traction control on a DI two stroke and all problems are solved. Engine efficiency is improved as far as fuel consumption and emissions are concerned and traction is regained to four stroke levels. The system would still weigh considerably less than a current four stroke design and power per cc would remain in the two strokes favor.

Let us not overcomplicate things any more than is required. By adding this technology which is already in use and readily available to the modern two stroke, we could have the best four-stroke killer available in one short model year. And the good part is that this would not (or should not) greatly add to the cost of the current motorcycle.

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