Corporate Brainwashing?

by David Graf

Uhhhhh, I'll start off with this (maybe it's my mental disorder for love of 2-strokes).

Lots of different takes on this but why o why do people let corporates control their lives? I think if corporates want to sell more bikes offer at least a couple of 2 stroke models... Some corporates have vision (KTM/GASGAS), but I am tired of people telling me a 4-stroke is faster than a 2-stroke, (I really don't believe this as per physics it is impossible) or that they are more linear and easier to ride!

I am already hearing that some pro riders are making the switch as I speak... not just in motocross. It's happening at the opposite of the extreme... Trials Riders are starting to jump ship in the top ranks. Me? I'm to damn old for anyone to notice but, let 'em ride what they think is fast! I must leave you now to go enjoy a Castrol R cocktail.

D. Graf

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