Costly Honda Four Stroke Rebuild

Keep up the good work, I love reading about what can be done to make the 2 stroke engine even better. I would love to see my car someday powered by a 2 stroke engine, and for ATV manufacturers to produce a modern 2 stroke quad.

My old Honda 250r still runs strong with a 23 year old motor, without any changes! It should be rebuilt as it's lost quite a bit of compression, and produces a little less power than it should.

But the new 450r isn't any better, and last fall it blew up on us. The jug and the head was trashed and after all of the fixing and installation of Honda's HRC kit it's well over $2000 to fix it. To get the 250r - that is still running - rebuilt, it should only cost about $500.

Now which high performance quad would you rather have? By the way the 450r had less than 50 hours when it blew up, the 250r has 75+..

Also, you're not too technical, I'm able to understand everything here, the only thing that would make it a little bit better is a couple of diagrams!

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