Direct Injection 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Engines

by Glenn Davies
(New Zealand)

I have a SX250 KTM and love it. What I am hoping for is for KTM/Aprilia/Rotax to launch EFI/DI 2 stroke motors for their dirt bikes etc.

If the outboard and snowmobile companies can do it, I would think the bike companies could do as well, if not better. The Japanese have had there chance and all they have done is kill off the old open class MX and build high performance 4 strokes that are NOT worth having after 100 odd hours.

Gas Gas, Aprilia and I think TM have had EFI 4 strokes for a few years now but the Japanese companies are only just getting there now!

Here's hoping the Euros get it going for 2010...

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