Dirt Bikes Are Fire Hazards

My thought is how do I protect my home from Dirt bikers who ride on private roads and property, that could potentially start a fire that will burn my home and community?

How do I get these bikers to slow down on roads that are posted at 15 mph due to homes and camp grounds? Are these type of riders required to know the laws pertaining to the roads they are riding on?

How can I tell if a bike is legal?

With the rains and growth this year the fires are a real concern. This is my HOME. I live in a very windy area, one spark is all it takes. I doubt if any of these bikers care, except maybe they should realize that the Life they save may most likely be there own. Their chances of getting out of the area are slim should their bike start a fire.

Thanks for letting me vent a little. Doubt if it stops any of these types of people - the riders in brush areas and privately owned lots but..

- Thanks for taking the time to write. Dirt bikers seem to get into a bit of trouble these days over riding in the bush, and there are always idiots that try to ruin it for the rest by rarking it up in areas where they clearly shouldn't.

In terms of laws.. It depends what area / State / Country you live in as to what bikes are legal or not. I know Australia has laws (and licenses required) in most places when it comes to bush riding. Here in N.Z - not so much.

I guess it's an education thing, and something your local council will have to battle no doubt.

Hayden -

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