Dirt Bikes Plus Sand Dunes Equals Fun!

by Hayden DBTP

West Coast Sunset

West Coast Sunset

West Coast Sunset
Hooking It

Sunday 18/10/10 - Here are a few photos of me and my riding buddy 'Moose' hitting a local spot up the beach somewhere on the West Coast of N.Z yesterday.

We had been waiting for the solid rain to clear all day (and our hangovers). Knowing that the wet sand would make for excellent riding conditions we were anxious to get out. As the day grew older and the rain continued we decided to go for it anyway, loading up the ute with my new Yammy and Moosey's Suzi, and driving through the black clouds with the wipers doing time.

As we drew closer to the beach the Sun Gods came out and swept away the gloom revealing a stunning sunny late arvo beach session just for the two of us!

A whole heap of fun was had as we managed to find a couple of fun lips to launch off. We snapped these pics in the hope to capture a few moments to share with you. So hopefully it will inspire you to either get on ya bike and go riding again, or send in YOUR photos and story to share with everyone.



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