Disagree With KTM's Having Dated Carbs

by Jeff Flick
(United States)

Under "Some 2012 KTM Dirt Bikes To Drool Over" in the first paragraph it says that KTM's have steel frames as opposed to alloy which is true, but then this site also states that the KTM bikes also have dated carburetors instead of fuel injection! This is absolutely NOT true!

Every KTM 4-stroke produced in 2012 has fuel injection except the 2012 450SX-F, however since Ryan Dungey started racing for the Red Bull/ KTM Team this year he wouldn't race the 350SX-F FI bike so KTM brought out a 2012.5 KTM-450SX-F with fuel injection.

Now as far as KTM's 2-stroke line up they do have keihin carbs which is an excellent carburetor and also better than anything that the Japanese manufacturers have or ever had on their 2-strokes! Also there is no current 2-stroke dirt bike on the market today with fuel injection or direct injection.

The only manufacturer that has a prototype FI model currently is the Spanish Company Ossa, but they're not currently being sold yet.

- What would I do without you Jeff! Thanks for pointing that out to me - you're right. I've updated the Ktm page.

Hayden -

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