Does Size Matter?

by Iain

Hi all. I am returning to MX riding after some 17 years. Back when I used to ride just for fun I was only 20 and a lot more trim than I am now. My question is this.. I am 6ft 4" 20st and a doorman. Now this will put the picture in your mind of my size. The problem I am now facing is not the clothing as I have found places that do my size. It's the protective gear I am after. Everything I have found goes up to a 48" chest which is xxl. I need a 52" chest. I can not be the biggest rider out there so why is it so hard to get this stuff when it is part of the most important equipment?

I am willing to test some for companies if they so wish lol. I am sure in this day and age it's not the case that people my size don't want to ride and have fun.


- Hmmmm.. I guess there just isn't that many people your size who ride dirt bikes Iain. Have you scanned all of the online MX stores? I would also email them directly to see if they can order it in or know of anybody who does supply it in your size. My ex-riding partner was 22st and a very wide chappy. He managed to find all the gear that fit properly, so it is out there. Seek and you shall find!

Good on ya for getting back into it by the way.

Hayden -

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