Easier To Afford A Bike In The Old Days

by William Hill
(Delta Colorado)

I started riding dirt bikes in 1979 I was six. My favorite bike I have ever owned was my 1989 CR 125, and my second favorite was my 1996 KDX. I ride the KDX still and have 2010 WR.

The modern four strokes are great, but the expense of maintaining a working machine is getting out of control. When I was in high school and college I enjoyed motocross and hare scrambles and was able to buy and keep my bikes running by working at fast food joints and part time jobs. Those days are gone with the expense of maintaining highly tuned four strokes.

I miss the days when a high school or college kid could save up to buy a bike, get some tools and learn to do top ends and other maintenance stuff and race and ride.

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