Eston Adkins Hitting A Gap (7 yrs. Old)

by Mike Adkins
(Valley View, TX)

Edge Adkins Hitting A Gap (7yrs. Old)

Edge Adkins Hitting A Gap (7yrs. Old)

This is a pic of my 7 yr. old son Eston (aka Edge) hitting a gap in our back pasture. He started riding with me when he was 4 yrs. old. He's a great kid and loves to ride with his dad and his friends. He's 8 now and has moved onto a KX65 but I just love this pic of him on his modified CRF50 last year (2008) with his mom and sister cheering him on.

God Bless.

- That's future Crusty Demon material right there Mike! Great shot and an even better jump. Thanks for sharing.


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