Fantastic News For 2 Stroke Fans

by Pete Rutt

A very informative article. Well written, and as a die hard 2 stroke fan, a real sense of a new beginning at last! I have an engineering/mechanical background, and have been watching developments at Orbital injection & The Two Stroke Shop (TSS], in Australia, and also Pivotal engines in New Zealand. I agree we all need to get behind this technology and start asking dealerships "I want a 2 stroke car/bike etc", and "Why haven't you got any for sale?". Start pestering dealerships.

With the new technology available, it can and is being done (Aprilia SR50 for one example). I read somewhere that more 2 strokes are sold globally than 4 strokes, albeit to countries where emissions aren't an issue, so there's already demand!

I try to explain to younger people the rush of a 2 stroke on song, sadly they have never experienced it. Count me in as an avid supporter. Please carry on your great work.

Regards Pete Rutt from England

- As long as there are people like you and me out there riding Pete, the two stroke will live on!

Hayden -

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