Farmingdale - Rapid City

by John
(Sturgis, SD, U.S.A)

Farmingdale is full of off-road thrills. From long trails to hill climbs, tracks and trails to take your vehicle off-roading - Farmingdale has it all.

It is located around the Rapid City, SD and the New Underwood, SD area. The easiest way to get there is to follow the road that goes south right out of New Underwood, South Dakota, or go along East Highway 44 that goes through Rapid City, SD and goes past the Rapid City Regional Airport.

The track and riding area is not actually located in the town of Farmingdale. It's located a little ways from it. So if you go east from Rapid City and go past the town of Farmingdale a few miles, there is a gas station on the left side and right next to it is a four-way intersection. Take a right here and go south on the dirt road to get to the track. There are a few turns and corners but after a few miles you will end up in an area with a bunch of huge hill climbs on the right. That is the main area and the total riding area extends out many miles to the south, east, and west of these hill climbs. It's an open area so you have to be careful of where you ride and which direction you go because there's no specific direction to ride. Follow the trails or tracks and have fun! It's a great place to spend the weekend exploring and hanging out. It's government ground and doesn't cost anything to ride there. It's completely legal and there are really no rules. It is open 24/7 and there are not too many gates that get closed.

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Jun 26, 2014
Railroad Buttes Near Farmingdale
by: Dave

We just rode these buttes on June 19th, 2014. From Rapid City go East on Highway 44 to 160th Ave. and turn right or south. The road will wind around and you will see the buttes on the left and some dark hill climbs on the right where the parking lot is. Caution: Do not ride within a few days after it has rained there. The conditions will be extremely difficult. Take a gps or compass and have a blast!

Buffalo Gap/Farmingdale/Railroad Buttes

Jan 25, 2013
by: Cara

I am wondering if the track is still open to the public. I have heard that there are no tracks to ride in Rapid City. Whats the deal? Thanks for your info. Please email me at

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