Fast Strong Reliable RM 85 2007

by Jake Sampson
(Logan, Queensland, Australia)

RM 85

RM 85

RM 85
RM 85
RM 85
RM 85

I have ridden motorbikes all my life and currently own a Suzuki RM 85 small wheel 2007 model. I went from riding a small PW 80 up to an RM 85 and boy was I in for a surprise.

The first time I rode the bike I found the power-band and that got my adrenaline rushing faster then ever. I've had the bike now for a year and a half and it has done me well from racing my mates to jumping distances.

The suspension is just right for me with a bit of a tighter feel. The bike has recently had a new set of tires and the traction has made my riding experience heaps more fun and I have been finding speeds I never reached before. Before I got the tires fixed the bikes take off speed was very low because the tires were sliding, but the new tires grip incredibly in the dirt and just rips through the ground launching me with crazy speeds.

My bike is incredible, jumping 30 footers in gear 2 and I love the feel of the adrenalin rush when you pick a line in the berm and fly out of it straight up a 30 footer double and perfectly down the lander at a perfect angle.

The only common ongoing problem I have is buying new clutch and brake levers but that isn't a major problem if you have spares. I've had to get a top end rebuild done once when I first bought the bike as it was two years old and hadn't had one done before, but it has run smoothly since with no major problems.

Occasionally a seal around the gearbox will go but it is pretty cheap to fix. The bike has always been strong when I crash and everything usually stays together (apart from clutch and brake levers).

For my next bike I would definitely go for another RM as they are reliable, full of power and have easy handling. Overall my bike is as fast and strong as they come.

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Sep 30, 2011
Good Story - Sounds Fun
by: Anonymous

It sounds like a great bike.

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