Fear And Four Strokes

by Jackie Jones
(Huntsville Al)

FEAR is the reason for the appearance of the 4 stroke in motocross. Fear of impending "green laws". I've been racing for 35 years and I've seen it all (and done most of it). There is no debate here people. The 2 stroke must give the 4 stroke a handicap OK. The 2 stroke is racing perfection for all the OBVIOUS reasons.

Ever wonder why none of this makes any sense? Because it doesn't, that's why. And when it don't make sense, it's because somebody's got a hidden agenda people! The bike companies are trying to get ahead of the curve. They FEAR the "green laws". Remember, all this crap got started when the global warming issue came out. Now people have relaxed a bit about it as research on this issue has revealed a "chicken little" approach by many leaders. Ban the 2 stroke and you destroy tradition, nostalgia and superior performance. Nuf said..

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