Four Stroke Debacle & Honda Ninja's

by Matt Cuddy
(Burbank, CA USA)

I think the two stroke of the future will have a sealed four stroke type lower end, and an injected two stroke top end, with a variable exhaust port. No more loop scavenging. And since the lubrication will be like that of a four stroke, mixing the oil and gas will not be necessary.

This four stroke dirt bike debacle is a sham to extract dollars out of riders bank accounts. It is ruining the sport for beginners and privateers, who can't afford to replace a top end every ten hours at a cost of over two thousand dollars. And God help the poor sap who bought a CRF250F when the whole motor grenades at thirteen thousand rpm.

I rode an '87 CR500R Honda for the last 20 or so years, and replaced the piston just out of guilt every eight years or so. The damn thing was bulletproof. Running premium unleaded and Yamalube R at 32.1, the piston I replaced after 8 years sitting on my desk (pencil holder now) looks like new.

After discovering the skulduggery Honda has perpetrated on the sport, we ran an expose' on Big Red that in another time would have Ninjas crawling on my roof. Big Red = Big Green (as in $$$).

Check it out in "Industry News" at:

Matt Cuddy

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