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A four stroke engine is a much better engine than a modern two stroke. I have raced MX for most of my life and the 4 stroke is a better bike all around. 4 stroke engines don't overheat, they don't have to mix gas, they don't burn as much gas, they don't spit out smoke and they don't sound like weed wackers.

The 2 stoke engine is faster like a 250 2 stroke is the same as a 450f however, in a top end race the 450f would come out on top, just like a 250f is faster then a 125 top end. The only reason they race in the same class is because 125 and 250 2 strokes are faster on take off and motocross racing is about getting there fast not like having a drag race.

2 strokes overheat on hot days, they burn too much gas, you have to mix it and they're just not as good as they were. I have raced people who have overheated their two stokes in a race.

So look around, no one uses 2 strokes anymore - only for tricks like Pastrana, Adams or Robbie Maddison. If your're going to race get a 250F or 450F, you'll enjoy it. It might cost more to rebuild but you don't have to rebuild it after every season such as 2 strokes, and if you're not racing but you're looking for a competition bike you'll enjoy four strokes. They're a lot smother and 10 x more reliable than guys who have been saying 2 strokes are better. They are wrong, everyone races 4 strokes and soon enough Yamaha and KTM will stop manufacturing them. Trust me I have been racing 125s, 250fs, 250s and 450fs and 4 beats 2.

Thanks for your time and have a good time on the track!

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Mar 01, 2014
Two Stroke Kings
by: Anonymous

All AMA Supercross riders prefer two stroke bikes. It's no comparison . 2T bikes reign. I ride California (home of MX & SX). I race Elsinore, Glen Helen, Devil's Dipps, Jawbone, Glamis, etc. and whenever two or more EXPERIENCED riders race @ any of these tracks, the two stroker wins. If direct injection is ever offered on a two stroke engine, 4 stroke will be for street bikes ONLY.

Jun 16, 2012
by: 99olo

Think real hard; just because a bike revs to 13000 RPM, has twice as many moving parts, and can out-run something on top end due to it's high revving, is it better?

What about how it's heavier, hard starting, and plain boring?

How about the price not only for buying one, but for a repair?

How about less power? KTM 250SX is about 52HP.

Most 450's aren't close.

Dec 31, 2011
Ignorant Followers Of Fashion
by: Rob

FACT - 2 strokes are the ultimate racing engine. They fire up with one kick when they are hot lol your 4 banger won't! They weigh less than a 4 stroke so the suspension & brakes work better & last longer, has fewer moving parts, significantly reduced maintenance cost, revs quicker, is cheaper to fix / manufacture & produces more BHP per liter than a 4 stroke.

If 2 strokes had been invented yesterday we would be hailing their arrival as a watershed moment in engine technology. So why are four strokes on sale at all? It's a combination of pending EPA legislation with which the manufacturers must comply & the fact that 4 strokes are allowed considerably larger cc displacement (cheating).

As marvelous & complicated as modern 4 stroke engines are, they wouldn't stand a chance against 2 strokes unless they had a legislated cc advantage, & without the extra displacement no one would be riding a 4 stroke today.

Jan 28, 2011
4T technology Is Still Catching Up To The 2T
by: Ben

Ignorance at its best. If a four stroke is so superior then why does it race two strokes nearly half its engine size?

Per cc which will make more top HP? The 2T. Which makes the most ft lb torque? The 2T. Which weighs less? The 2T. Which is cheaper to maintain and rebuild? The 2T. I change my oil 9000 times per minute, 94 ktm 440 exc, never rebuilt the top end, I?ve never lost compression or power. If I ever do, it will be a cheap rebuild, which is why racers can do it so often.

On a 4T they are required to make it last because it is too expensive to do after every race, or they would. Ever heard of Direct Inject Two Stroke Technology? When it is put on dirt bikes you can say goodbye to the fake propped up 4 stroke facade that has been propagandized for the past 12 years.

AMA giving a sub-superior technology too big an advantage, to nurse it along, is why every ignorant buyer rides 4T. That and the Politically correct green movement, which is also a big hoax. Buyers wanted to race what wins, even if the race was on an uneven playing field, thus all the 4T hype, and manufacturers make what sells.

But the educated know that 2 stroke is better when raced against bikes that are the same size. And if we would buy the better technology then we would see the 2 stroke come back. If global warming is CO based then we should be trying to stop volcanoes from erupting, one of those puts out more green house gases than every internal combustion engine ever made all together.

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