Four Stroke Maintenance Costs Make It Too Expensive To Ride

by Chris Hall
(Ormeau QLD)

My son started motox on an 85cc 2 stroke. He then followed the natural progression, 125cc - 250cc 2t's. I used to do all the maintenance myself. It was not that hard, I mean anybody with just basic mechanical knowledge can do just about everything that is required for 2t's.

He got very good at motox also. Then because OZ can't do anything without asking America 1st the 4's took off. We followed to a 4 stroke. I figured being a 4t it has got to go for a lot longer maintenance wise. WRONG. After less than 6 mth's a full top end was required and because they are so complicated I couldn't do it. A friend he rode with did it for him for the price of just the parts, no labor. $2500.00 it cost... I could not believe it!

A full top end on the 2t could be done 4 less than $200.00. He loves motox & could have gone a long way with it but because we could not afford that kind of money 2 or 3 times a year, he very reluctantly gave it away.

Let us get something going to bring back the MIGHTY 2 strokes & 2 heck with America's influence!

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