Four Strokes Are Driving The Blue-collar Guy Out of The Sport

by Russ
(Berwick, ME)

I really don't hate four strokes, in fact I might even be faster on one than my YZ250 - but I will never own one.

There is a long term test on the Dirt Rider mag website of the 2006 Suzuki RMZ450, it cost over $7300 in maintenance and repairs for one season - 142 hours of ride time. That is just plain disgusting!

The Japanese manufacturers and the AMA have conspired to screw the consumer, and the sport will only be worse off for it. Gone are the days when a 16 year old kid could buy a 3 year old used 125, put a few bucks into it, and race a season. Now, unless that 16 year old kid has rich parents, he won't be racing, no matter how much talent he has. They have killed off the 125 class, which throws kids coming off 85's onto $8000 hand grenades.

If my YZ blows up, I fix it for $150. If I had a 4t that blew, it would have to sit for a whole season until I could save enough $$ to fix it. I like riding too much to risk it, so, once again, I will never own a four stroke. If the 2 strokes all vanish off the planet, that will be the day I hang up my helmet. Are you listening Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, & Yamaha?

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