Four Strokes Are For Enduros

by Dan G.
(O.C. California)

I have a good perspective on this: as a teenager/young buck, I owned and raced (amateur & expert class) a Honda CR80R, 125R and a 250R from 1982-89 and a bit through the 1990's.

I follow motorcycle racing in general but it blew me away a while back to discover that the 4 stroke was competitive in any type of motocross much less championship motocross. Blown away until I realized that they allow a 450cc 4 stroke to compete in the 250cc class. Ridiculous.

Dear A.M.A. if the usual suspects cannot build a competitive 250cc 4 stroke then it should not be allowed as it insults the fundamentals of racing and the integrity of having classes based on engine size.

It pains me to see that my beloved Honda corp. seems to be the impetus behind all of this. I went and test rode a 2012 Honda CRF450F and I liked it quite a bit but I could never get the word Enduro out of my head. My very slightly modified '88 CR250R would have eaten this thing alive.

Memo to Honda & The AMA - if you push the envelope of what you can do as a manufacturer and a lobbying group you will find that the 2 stroke is the lightest, meanest, eco-greenest engine in the world.

Don't be the 15 year old kid playing ball in the 8 year old division. You're better than that.

Dan G.

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