Four Strokes = Two Strokes

by Upstock

I ride a Husaberg 550 and a KTM 300. I'm really torn between the two. The pros and cons to each seem to balance out. Now I realize that I'm riding quite large and powerful bikes, but the Husaberg can beat me up more than the 300. However the linear power of the Husaberg will get me in less trouble in trails, while the 300 is faster for me in trails.

The compression braking from the Husaberg is awesome on descents. The KTM on descents requires some brake attention. This isn't a battle of Husaberg vs. KTM just realize ones a 4 stroke and the others a two smoke. I love them both.

Just some info for arguments, when I drag race them both over a known distance which is timed. Well the very slight edge goes to the Husaberg by 5/100th of a second.

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Nov 30, 2010
Gypsy Moths
by: Jeff Flick

Shaun you are so correct in that statement. I think it's pretty bad that the Husaberg is 250cc bigger & it only barely out runs the ol' Katoom 300 2-stroke.

I really wish that the manufacturers would put more R&D into the 2-strokes because it's only common sense that the 2-stroke is a better, faster and much more reliable machine. Awe, sorry that's NOT what most of the manufacturers want though. They want the bikes to have a life span of the gypsy moth so the consumer has to pay out the wazoo just to ride!

Aug 28, 2010
by: shaun

And to think it only took them a displacement of 250cc's to get roughly the same speed. Not to mention the weight and rebuild cost. Your KTM 300 is still the winner mate.

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