Four Strokes Will Be All That Will Exist

Yea man, if 2 strokes were better then your car or truck would be one. They aren't. And never will be. I'm sure the bike manufacturers know a little more than any of you, and they are ditching the smokin, pinging, hard to start, blow up in 6 months piece of junk 2 strokes. Used to be that 2 strokes ruled, but that was then. This is now.

Ten years from now you can read about your 2 strokes in the history books. Peace.

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Dec 31, 2012
by: Daniel

Also, it's a bit simplistic and misdirected to use a comparison with cars and trucks as an argument. Gas turbine engines, like used on airplanes, are potentially even more efficient, yet they're not in our cars either. Various reasons depending on the typical use of the vehicle and other factors.

Different engines for different applications. As anyone who knows about both two and four-strokes knows, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, and there are many fields where the two-stroke will never be surpassed, and hence will also never disappear.

Manufacturers aren't lowering production because they don't sell, but because of external factors, such as environmental politics or the pro circuit (of course two-strokes can no longer compete if you limit their displacement with the express goal of making them less competitive; if they were still up to par against four-strokes with double their displacements, they would have just lowered the limits even more until they were).

Aug 29, 2012
Not exactly...
by: Anonymous

Companies aren't just ditching smokers because they are pieces of junk, which they aren't, they're getting rid of them because 4-strokes cost much more to rebuild and everything like that which in turn will give the companies more money.

To rebuild a 2-stroke it's relatively cheap whereas when your 4-stroke blows up - like it always will - you will be paying a lot more to get it back up and running.

Just my thoughts.

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