Four-Stroke Funk

by Adam
(Roseau Minnesota)

Seems to be the general consensus that four-stroke dirt bikes are the way to go. A lot say they're better for the riders and the power gets to the ground so much easier. They are in what I call the 'four-stroke funk'. When you need almost double the cc's to accomplish the same racing experience it is in no way better.

Why not let the two-stroke 250 race with the 250 four-strokes in the AMA? Why not just change the rules? Why not build a 450cc two-stroke to race against 450 four-strokes? Because the big three Japanese refuse to accept the idea that two-strokes are superior or they probably know they just want to do it their way.

Why wouldn't America just say too bad we are changing the rules but go ahead and run the four-strokers? I would almost bet my life on it that if this were the case KTM would build a 450 two-stroke and wax the fours. Let KTM have their glory - they build the most innovative dirt bikes anyway.

It's a closed course race for god sakes! Pollution has never been a factor really, and if it was, the two-strokes are getting cleaner all the time.

Put some excitement back into motocross, instead of just having these boring humdrum, heavy pigs floppin around the track. And what happened to the open class?! I would like to see it returned to its full glory. Get those real Mad-men out there with MONSTERS that are production models.

It's time to stir things up a bit in the dirt bike world!

- Damn straight.. Clap clap! Encore..

Hayden -

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