From Burma And Prefer Two Strokes

I'm from Myanmar (Burma). I'm one of a person who is crazy on Yamaha Off Road Motor Cycles. I have been in a Motor Cycle Workshop/ Repairing center for about 3 years. I have been riding some different kind of Motor Cycles from different companies since 1998. I have never been in a competition although I have some years driving experience on mountains, villages, and muddy places. Because I was doing a motor taxi driver at the Ruby land in my country. If a customer hired us we go anywhere in all seasons. Even we cross many streams by carrying it in the water which is deep about 4" especially in rainy season. If somethings happen on the way it is more easy to fix.

What I want to declare is that two strokes engine is the best because it has wonderful power/ speed, less expend to maintain, less thing to adjust/ fix, durable, less to be worry, smart engine, nice sound, and it can be used in any season anywhere for any reason.

I don't like a noisy engine like four strokes. And there will be more to fix, more to replace/ change, more to get noise, more to adjust, more things to broke, and more places to leak engine oil because it will probably use more gaskets.

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