Glen Echo Park And Cow Patties

by Sam Sage

We went here towards the end of Jan 2010. The trails are tight and twisty, more suitable for walking on than riding a bike.

The motocross track was rubbish, as it wasn't maintained and seemed to have been built by someone who doesn't ride a bike. It had deep sand on the corners, loads of pot holes and way to tight to get a decent speed up.

Basically this place is a cattle farm and the owners have cut small trails through it and dumped a pile of dirt here and there. There is a weeks worth of cow pats to ride through, as well as avoiding the stray cow that didn't get rounded up.

They seem to take your money at the gate and then leave you to it. No marshalls, no maintenance & no supervision.

This track is certainly not worth the effort to get to it!!

- Cripes! Sounds like you should strap on a set of bullbars before you go riding there. Thanks for letting us know Sam.. I'll bring my gumboots.


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Jun 26, 2012
Under New Management
by: mad mick

Good news, the park is in the process of being taken over by new management who are very enthusiastic about improving the tracks and facilities available to us all, such as toilet, shower and bbq and shop facilities. As well as improvements to the tracks and trails. So stay tuned.. things are looking up!

Jan 03, 2011
Loosen Up!
by: Anonymous

Sam (or is it Samantha?) sounds like he's new on a bike... Obviously has not ridden much in the way of serious dirt bike riding. Better stick to a Cane Farm where it's straight and flat without cow pats!

Apr 29, 2010
Fair Go
by: Ash

Okay, just felt the need to respond to a few points made here. The motocross tracks are fun IMO. There are 3 smallish tracks to ride but there is enough variety to keep one entertained for a day (if you like circuit tracks/motocross).

The tracks are in good enough condition, anyone complaining obviously hasn't raced motocross for real, and seen the size of the woops and ruts racers deal with especially at the end of the day. The trails are short and tight single-track.

I think this park suits people who don't get their jollies from tapped out high speed runs, but enjoy flowing and fun motocross, with some short tight single-track trails thrown in for good measure. It's not a serious park like Blackduck but it is still fun especially if there are a couple of kids to be entertained as well (they will love the kids track).

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