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Most people have a Monkey see Monkey do attitude. That's what the big four are doing, paying top riders to get their four stroke machines on the podium, so then the masses think they need to have a four stroke to win (or at least be like Ricky/Chad/Bubba). If KTM could get their two strokes on as many podiums as possible it could only help.

I love seeing my mates 4 strokes sitting in the shed because the valves need adjusting or whatever else is wrong with them. I fit a piston kit once a year and keep on riding.

Also comparing todays two and four strokes in regards to emissions, where does all that crank case oil end up from the four stroke? This is even more noticeable in the marine industry.

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Jul 30, 2010
Noisy Fours
by: Coen van Hagen

Why do "the powers to be" not agree in letting
250 two strokes and 450 four strokes battle it out on the circuits? Then everybody can see what is the best choice for him. We already know, that 500 cc 2-strokes are too much. 250 4-strokes are no match for a 250 2-stroke!
Now we can't choose because the FIM won't allow so.
How is it possible to sell bikes who make too much noise to enter a race when they leave the

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