Good News For 2-stroke fans!

by Jeff Flick
(Cumberland MD. U.S.A)

I was surfing the web just the other day, researching the new Maico dirt bikes that are now being built back in Germany in limited numbers. Supposedly Maico of Canada is trying to get a distributor in Canada or the United States to have the big bore beasts brought over to be sold. That would be nice to get those big bore monsters back on American or Canadian soil. They offer 250, 320, 500, 620 & 700cc 2-strokes!

Also on another 2-stroke site I was reading that my personal favorite, KTM are getting ready to bring out a fuel injected 2-stroke 250sx. KTM wants them to be introduced into MX2 to allow teams and privateers that don't have mega buck$$$ to compete against the 4-smokes. I'm pretty sure that 250 2-strokes are allowed to compete against the 250 4-smokes in the United States already, at least in amateur racing.

It's been a slow process & I'm not holding my breath yet but I do believe slowly but surely the mighty 2-strokes will make a comeback. Let's just keep putting pressure on the manufacturers & it's bound to happen... GO KTM 2-STROKES & GO BIG BORE MAICO 2-STROKES!

I have a KTM300xc now and I'll have to save a little cash to get a fuel injected KTM250sx & a MAICO 500MX. If that ever happens I'd be in my glory for sure!!!

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