Gravel Pits - Rhode Island

by Donnie
(West Kingston, RI, USA)

Don't have an exact location but if you ask someone who lives on Gravel Hill Rd in Matunak, RI they'll probably know.

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Aug 05, 2010
by: donnie

Sorry I forgot to tell about the place itself. It has a pretty big road about 3 mi. long with a straight away that's about 2\3mi. long and you can get up to about 60mph. There are also two different open areas were you can just ride around and hit different jumps and go hill climbing. There's a pretty big sand pit that me and my friend find annoying but if you're into sand it's great. The best thing to do in these pits is explore as it has plenty of interesting terrain that can be fun to experiment with. Plus it has endless trails that lead off in all different directions.

A good way to find it is Google earth - just type in latitude 41*25'7.07''N / longitude71*35'14.07''W

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