Grip Studs Screw In Tire Studs

by Colin

Hello All,

If you have trouble with traction when riding on ice, snow, or mud, then here's something you'll be interested in. I've discovered that Grip Studs screw in tire studs are an excellent traction increasing option. Grip Studs are very affective with a long life time and high stud retention level. is the company's web address. Check them out!

- I've heard about these. Do you screw them in by hand or some sort of tool I imagine? And do they screw into every knobbly?

Hayden -

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Dec 28, 2011
Grip Studs


Grip Studs are installed with a special tool that fits into the chuck of any cordless drill. They work on just about any full size bike tire. 100-200 studs per tire is plenty. And 'every other knobby' pattern works quite well.

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