Hayden Knows His Stuff

by Peter Bristow
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi lovers of all things to do with pics, tips, bikes and dirt. My name is Pete I have been Haydens best mate for over twenty years and also own and run B3 Personal Training Ltd. I have a Diploma in Fitness Training and have been involved in the fitness industry for over ten years now. I started riding with Hayden when he had a 1991 RM80 that blew up on his first day costing him $900! I rode a 1990 DR200 four-stroke tank. We had heaps of fun riding on all my uncles farms, with HB always edging me out I have to say.

Whilst I am biased and Hayden is my mate, I will be totally honest. Just like the time I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was feeling kind of glum. So I head over to Haydens house for a bit of cheering up... when I tell him the sad news he responded with, "Good cause you turned into a softc@#k..." So I would have no hesitation letting him know that the information he's provided about nutrition was crap. It isn't, its great stuff!

Hayden wanted me to add more information regarding race nutrition, but honestly I think the best idea is to keep it simple. There's no need to make good nutrition a complicated ordeal and it is too easy to get bogged down in details. Use the simple rules he's provided and do your own research to find what works best for you.

Some food for thought...

The less food has been tampered with by man, the better it is for you. For example an Apple = Perfect. Home-made apple pie = Not so good. Reconstituted apple juice with no less than 15% real apple juice(what is the other 85% made up of?!) = Bad.

You can use this knowledge with all types of foods to figure out what you should be putting in your mouth. Choosing these natural, untouched foods over man-made foods will be much better for your health and performance.

Time for a test to help me prove my point...

Friday - Eat fatty, high-sugar junk food all day, drink fizzy drinks, and if you are of legal age and enjoy the odd lager or two get on the beers in a big way during the evening. Do your best to get up early in the morning and go for a 30 min run with your mates, but seriously, don't get on your bike when you are too hung over or still drunk. Chances are you will perform terribly and feel like shite.

The following Friday - Eat loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat (chicken or fish), consume plenty of water and stay off the cans! Go for exactly the same run at the same time Saturday morning. I'm confident in telling you that you will wake up feeling great and go for the same run, but you will perform at a much higher level. Simple stuff right? But how often do you neglect your body like this?

You don't have to become a monk or nun to keep your nutrition in check, but stay off the beers and junk food especially the day/night before you race or ride. If you want to ride hard and kick the competition, think seriously about your motocross nutrition. It's all too often overlooked but is so vital to peak performance in any sport.


- Thanks Pete. Ha! I remember saying that to you... what are friends for huh? Pete has a website loaded with more information on health and nutrition. Check it out at B3Training.com.


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