Hold On To Your 2's

by Eric

I've been riding for 25yrs. I have owned both 2 strokes and 4 strokes. I believe they both have their place on the track and on the trail.

I currently own a KX500, one reason being that you won't be able to afford one in another 10yrs. That's what I believe! They are going to be like an old 70's muscle car. Everyone's going to want one when the only things on the production lines are 4 strokes.

Yes, 4 strokes have come a long way from back in the 80's when I was riding one. The fact is you will never get the same rush of a 2 stoke while riding a 4 stroke. Two strokes really are harder to ride and take more skill. You can't just crank the throttle on a 250 or 500 2 stoke and expect it to be forgiving. If you think that for a minute than you're gonna find yourself picking your bike up off the ground.

Like I said, I've been on both sides of the fence and at the moment, I'm sticking with the oldie 2 stokes. I am, by the way, looking for an older XR because I think they are still the best and most reliable woods bike!

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